Poor pics - low light.

She doesn't say hello, but she says goodbye!

You've probably seen these, but I didn't know if you'd seen one shutting down or not.

Nice font if you ask me, too... and there's a couple a's in there.

fascad3 fascad3
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6 Responses Jan 6, 2010

I followed you home after you went out and stuck your big nose into the business of some nice young girls. Don’t harass young girls old boy…DD

You took a wrong turn, Dew.

WOW!!! This is important... Stop the PRESS! Call BBC NOW! <br />
<br />
Get the stick out of you’re a-hole old boy.<br />
<br />
"fascade"...Perhaps if you stopped looking down your nose at everybody and or thing you could lighten up a bit…DD

Well it's about damn time! I was thinking you may not have liked it, or that I did something wrong... hehe.

oh pretty :)

Ok take my picture, I am so delicious, Girls says !!