So there is or was this guy I almost felt good about he wasn't my boyfriend but it kinda felt like i was kinda meant to be with him not forever but just won of those people I was to learn a lesson from. I wanted him & I often don't want people but he was different. He wanted me just the same which made it even more "kismet". He seemed sweet & said all the right things. I don't believe (bs) I've outgrown the highschool feel to want to believe someone you possibly love. (Love will bludgeon you to death & leave you on the side of road). Long story short we spontaneously had sex because of the long distance that was between us & now I feel bored of him but at the same time I miss him. I feel heartless & completely sickly pathetic. I'm not the girl that believes in this love crap I used to be the complet opposite before he strolled right along. This isn't to ask for some kind of help I just needed it out of my own head for a min. Thank you for reading whoever you are.
Novalina Novalina
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 1, 2012

Its ok really, and even though you feel like you dont need help, trust me you do. I was there too, and infact am still there. I want to get out but i still miss the guy and i dont wanna hurt him, but i know we could never be together forever. Just let that go and open your heart to someone else if your sure you want to move on. Good luck.