Been a Long Time Coming And I Got a Ways to Go.

Although I have managed to acquire quiet a track record of jobs I still am able to go out a get the next J O B. Id need three hands to count them all and the longest time spent at one job was about 12 months. Its not like I jump from job to job spending only a few weeks, although I have been known to do that....I do put in my time.

It has been excruciatingly hard to get my feet on the ground since as soon as I feel I have a job and can move on to the next step I loose the job and go back to square one. Its infuriating. 

At last I have landed a job that I think I can manage and will allow me a bit of confidence if not freedom. Try a find a job now in a city where previous 9-5 bread winners are now down and out looking for anything that pays a wage in a college town and two giant high schools with the current economy.

I sneeked in there and have now two jobs, I know, Im stoked. One I work 20 hours a week at minimum and the other only two hours a week at 10$ an hr. No complaints here except on rainy days cause I only peddle on two wheels nowdays.

But slowly ever so slowly I'm getting it done.

LakeShore LakeShore
22-25, F
2 Responses Feb 12, 2009

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Best of luck Lake! Sometimes there isnt much to do except keep your head down and keep on trucking. Sounds like you have the determination to succeed!