Looking For A Closet Lesbian For A Fake Relationship

I am a closet gay man. Haven’t come out to anyone yet and don’t think I’m gonna do that in the near future, mostly because I don’t wanna make my parents upset as I love them so much and they have been expecting so much from me…

what makes me post this on here is 1) mum and dad seem to be interested in my girlfriend hunting more and more each day (a bit worried that they may suspect as there are severl nice girls around…) and 2) I do feel lonely sometimes and really want to find someone that I can talk to without covering my sexuality.

So as the title says, really want to find a genuine closet lesbian to have(try) a relationship. We can be each other’s social cover at least, I think.

Things about myself.  23 years old, 100% straight acting Asian guy, currently doing a PHD in Oxford University. 178cm height, medium built and pretty fit (told by most friends). Don’t know could be called good looking as people have different standards, but not bad looking assured. The most important thing is, I do think I am a very kind and thoughtful guy, which is quite essential to make the fake relationship work.

Things I need from the closet lesbian partner: Be a nice and genuine person! And hopefully not overweight.

Please leave me a message and see where we can go from there.

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I am in Oxford now

i know how you feel.! i couldnt find a closet gay to help me cover up... im a closet lesbian dating a guy.. he doesnt know im lesbian.. no one does... but i know how you feel. i hope you find the girl youre looking for to be your "fake" lol. i know it sucks when i didnt find a closet gay.

what the **** is wrong with you? accept yourself, **** what your parents think

what the **** is wrong with you? accept yourself, **** what your parents think

hi, i just had to see what this group was about... :D<br />
i wish the best of luck to you in finding a suitable partner and friend - i think it's such a great idea. i'm nowhere near you myself, and i'm not in the closet - and i'm not much of a girlfriend material either. but if i was all those things, i would be very glad to team up with you :))

Thanks for the compliment, closetted. Its interesting that you just assumed i was from China. Shame you are not in Oxford though lol. <br />
My parents havent added any pressure on me actually. I always tell them that i would only consider starting a serious relationship after having a good career, and mum&dad always respect and support my choices... Just want them to be happy mostly and at the same time, really wanna see whether this kind if fake relationship could be working.

wow, ur only 23 n ur doing ur PhD now.... I'm sure ur not only good looking, but also intelligent as well. If I'm in Oxford with u, I would love to do be ur 'gf' as I need a cover too... I understand why ur parents give u such pressure as I'm asian too. It's because chinese think that only their son can carry on their surname thingy(I'm sure u know that too). U know, right now I think I'm glad that I'm a lesbian woman, not gay man. But things would be fine. bless u

I have a similar problem, I'm a closet straight. People think I'm gay at school, but secretly in actuality I'm really only attracted to women.