I Want A Girl Who Weres Diapers


       I have always been in diapers. I found a girl a few years back that i liked "a lot" well any ways she was drop dead beautiful. so naturally i wanted to know everything about her and the only way to do that was let her know everything about me EVERYTHING well when she found out she was kind of okay with it. Until she found my diapers well she started to make me drink lots of water and told me i needed it cause she needed to be taking care of and i would need to be hydrated for that well anyway skipping past the detail to not be offencive she put one on me made me use had her way with me and left me tied to the bed. i always new i had to were diapers but that day i found out that i like anyone who does i can be friends with guy and it drives me wild when weman use the or even were them i think everyone in the world should have to were diapers "cloth so the land fills dont fill up" and save the water from being poisoned jk lol but more next time
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do not know but me and my girl friend growing up were both in diapersand we changed each other or her mother would change us and bath us at night so so we remebered we were still kids even working full time and school full time use to love to be tucked and and she woule rea chater of a book to use most nights

This sounds like a story, not the truth!