All my life as an ab/dl I have felt sort of "alone". I have the online aquaintances and things of that nature to connect to.  But I have kept my life as a secret to all my friends. And I would like to keep it that way. I just wish I could find and make friends with others in my area that wear diapers. I have only found about 3 online that there profile says they live in pittsburgh. So if you are out there and are reading this and rerside in pittsburgh or the surrounding area please feel free to contact me.

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let go to the mall and drink alot of soda and walk around till we have an accident with or without diapers on

i would like to be your friend

Left msg on some of your other blogs here. Am into diapers, big time and would love to chat/meet. Live in Mckeesport. Give me a yell. PghDave

me too coz i wet myself alot even in highschool , now have a friend we went to graceland coz we both like elvis and he wet his pants about 6 to 7 and way he got a sitma about diapers but he do not mine that i have diapers on and i soaked mine about the same number of times , you know how hard it is to change in the car when you can not put the seat all the way back and lay it down too coz of the cooler anyway it way hard and i put one diaper on at the rest area but not good anyway after about an hour and some sodas i wet my diapers again but this time they leak big time ooops

also if i did live nere you id definetly like to meat if only to finly have a friend in person that enjoys diapers

yea same here and figer out witch of you friends you trust the most and is the mostopinminded if they are rily your frends they wont mind it my only frend at school nows as well as evryone els i talk to i alway work the fakt that like diapers in to conversationd and dont get made fun of it feels grate to be opin about it if you ever wont ti talk about diapers or enything els you can talk tp me ok