Most Annoying Commercial Of 2011

Please Geico, put us out of our misery. Maxwell the pig is utterly, the most annoying commercial ever made. Maxwell in the back of a SUV with his little windmills.WEE WEE WEE!
Maxwell on a Zip line.WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE wee wee.Please God make him fall down the mountain. I have some BBQ sauce with your name on it Maxwell.
Geico has had some odd commercials .The Gecko, the Cave men. I liked the Cave men.The Lizard is pretty cool.
Kill that little pink oinker. Geico, I can't hit the mute button fast enough . Wee..wee wee ..Bam!!!!
Pork ribs, pork chops ... anything but listening to wee wee wee... Rotten brat pig.
wiseowl wiseowl
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3 Responses Feb 18, 2012

lmao :)

LOL ..I'd like to name a special BBQ sauce after him. " Here lies Maxwell"

lol! That would be funny! XD

I lmfaoed when I saw this group and your story.......

Me, too.