Why Are There No Stories In Here?

How can we find girlfriends to talk to if nobody talk?  Or am I missing something?

IzThisMe IzThisMe
3 Responses Mar 13, 2010

Wow this is weird!, I've just gone on this title about us all wanting girlfriends to talk to,<br />
there are 11 members of this group and nobody is saying anything!<br />
Is everyone mute? Please talk to me, I need some girlfriends to talk to......<br />
Hello? Hello? Is there anybody out there? IzThisMe? Are you still there?<br />
What would you like to talk about? ( Just joined EP ) :)

I just don't get it :) Oh well....hopefully I won't be the only one to post! I see I've been read 9 times but only you commented...sigh....

It's a pet peeve of mine, if somebody starts a group and doesn't tell a story.......