Eternal Weight Is Far Greater Than The Cares Of This World

I said it, God give me strength I will do it.
Everywhere you turn as a child of God it's oppositions.
Everywhere you go it's Oppressors trying to get me down
I begin to feel care free. I read the Word of God and his world is so true
No oneĀ else can do for me what God has done for me.
Just to think my pressures are just for a moment in God's time it may be a day a month ayear but to God my pressures and burdens are just for a moment. Not to mention the reward is forever.
My thoughts I had this morning where burdensome me down.
But its this Hope in Jesus came around I sat and said to God who is next to me
It's no other person can set my soul free. My cares of this world I realize are just for a little while
God will work all my problems out I am his child.So I begin to Praise him because this thought is so real
Eternal Weight in glory is far greater than this little heart aches I feel
Babeondwy Babeondwy
41-45, F
2 Responses May 8, 2012

I am so glad. The purpose has been served

I couldn't agree more! Just reading that makes my spirit leap! I've been going through alot lately myself and I speak to God everyday. This renews my hope and faith that everything will work out. Thank you and God Bless