I want God in my life again because he has helped me in the past to get out of my depression and I need him to help me again. I want to go to church again but I don't have the guts to go by myself. I wish I could learn more about God and the bible. I just want God in my life again so he could make the pain I'm feeling go away. I can't keep living like I am. I want to kill myself, but I have a fiancee that will kill himself and several friends that will if I do and I don't want to take them with me.

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4 Responses Mar 14, 2009

I'll take you to my church any time you want to go. I'll hold your hand and help you to find your way to God. I want to help you anyway I can. I've dealt with depression, I've dealt with broken hearts, I've even dealt with that feeling of total worthlessness that others find a way to deal you. But my faith in the Lord is helping me to overcome all this and to be a better person for it.<br />
You let me know, let DanaeSoibhan know, or many others in this group know when you need help and we will be there to help you. Don't hesitate to use this community as your interim support group to start your path to finding yourself through God. <br />
And if you can find someone in this group who lives close to you, contact them and ask them if you can join them on a Sunday morning for church. Like I said, I'll take you with me any time, you just need to be somewhere close to where I am.

Praise God for the situation you are in because if you think about it IF you werent in that situation would you want God as bad as you do. See Gods view is your soul is way more important to him then your worldly flesh it seems harsh but its true he will put you through it to get you to see what he really wants you to see and that is his love and his mercy. With out his mercys and love i dont know how i would of made it through this world because i use to be where you are at one point in my life. <br />
Try to pray about it pray really hard and be patient wait on the lord he will come through for you. Pray to God to open up your eyes to give you understanding and to give you the disire to read the bible. Also pray for your friends that God would over fill you with his love that you could give some to them through the mercy given to you that you may save them.

If god does this for you, great. Maybe it will make you feel better to know that you did it yourself - there's no such thing as god. You are a stronger person than you thought you were.

I have seen a psychiatrist every month for the past four years of my life. They put me on medication that treats schizoaffective disorder and bpd which i do not even have. they put me on meds saying they'll help and it just makes the depression worse because everybody expects me to get better. i have been in and out of psych wards for the past five years. i give up on depending on drs.