I Am Blessed By God

I have held onto my Faith during the worst times over the last year and asked God to provide for me, as I couldn't find a job that would pay enough to keep my family alive.  I haven't worked full time in over 15 months, so I was almost out of money, savings and retirement all spent, and things suddenly started happening that made no sense, until now.  First I get some work to do from the house that pays decent money (on Friday), then someone in my men's group (Wednesday) says that God has impressed upon him that I needed special prayer to help battle the things I was going through (I was so depressed that suicide was looking better every day), and then one of the other men gives me a Psalm to read (Psalms 126) and when I read it the passage didn't make a lot of sense to me.  

Then later on Wednesday, I talked to the one that said God had impressed upon him for special prayer for me and thanked him greatly, when he brought up some other things that I had been battling with, some of which were here on EP.  On Friday I get an email from a friend that I had been talking to about someone needing help with a special project and he needed to talk to me.  On Friday night, my friend with the Psalm in his heart called me to explain it to me, although I hadn't asked for that.But on Saturday, I got a call offering me the job, at more than I had asked for, to start after the first of the year, and I would show up in North Carolina for a meeting with the principals later this week, there would also be a sign-on bonus.  This was the answer to my prayers.  I am truly blessed by God.

So don't lose your faith, it just takes time sometimes for God to put you on the right path...  You just need to believe that he will and listen to what he is trying to tell you. 

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Thank you for sharing this story of God's provision. My husband is working teaching two classes at the college but needs to be full time to help us pay our electric and taxes and if he works full time we will get health insurance. Please pray for us. I do believe that My God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in Glory by Christ Jesus!!! And promotion comes neither from the east , west, or south but from above. Take care!! Congratulations on your new job!!!:):)

God is always there for us. All we need to do is accept him when he comes. Thank you for sharing this inpirational story. Hearing stories like this helps me in thinking I am not crazy...

so very happy for your blessing. God is good and worthy to be praised. thanks for sharing it is so very necessary to the body of christ.

hello,longhorn fan thank you god for the blessing that ,you have gave him what we have to understand is never let the {devil} put those thoughts in you're mind see you're mind is where {satin} goes that's with all of us,but {god} .has another plan for you ,see he alredy know are needs and wants cause he created us and once you his child ,he's not gone let you suffer for anything ,1st john say never trust you're own understanding but through him all things work for the good .that so love him,{eph;3;20-say he is able to give you {plenty} so what ever perdicument you find you're self going through don't give up he see's and know everything we need, don't ever think about {suicide} cause you will go to hell you're family ,you're ,wife ,will really be hurt, suicide is a bis sin, god don't forgive you for selfmurder that's a coward way out {god} loves you he want you to be ,happy see how he sent you some help he's able to do more,we always want him to come when we want him to but he's alway's on time, is'nt he awesome i love the lord ,,bless you and you're family. bless you.amen i'm praying for you. diane moss. bless you!

Thanks for comments. I put this here to show others how lucky I am and we are. He does work in mysterious ways for us.