Happily Never After

I have work so hard to create perfect happy life, that for most is their priority. I tried my hardest just to forget every bad waking moment of my life, every single day. I tried to ignore my own weakness and looking for my best self. But, I apprently always stumble upon my weaknesses that I tried to avoid like plague. I wish I get the happiness that will bring me to the eternity of life and hereafter. When I'm fail to accomplished my task, I always depend and turns to happiness as my fairy-god-mother. But the truth it, every time I saw happiness, something else will be ruins. I don't know whether it my bad luck or karma force, but I just saw more sorrow in my own eyes. Why it happen as it is? I want my happiness to rest forever and not drift away. I don't know to what I should reedem my prize, the happiness of forever and ever. Right now I just stuck with happily never after or before.......

LisaWiserLiser LisaWiserLiser
18-21, F
Mar 18, 2009