I Need Help

i was doing my bussiness very well, 2 and half year's back i invested huge amount money in company call speak asia and company got shut down and all my money got blocked ,amount was very huge which i borrowed from some investers ,i tried very hard to repay the amount but i failed ,investers also gave me lot of time but now they started troubling me ,i have to repay them arround 94 lacs, i have no option left than doing sucide but i 2 very good kid's and i love them a lot ,i dont know what to do ,if i get one chance if somebody helped me i can repay back in 9 months , i dont know what to do ,i am just trying here for last chance ,pls help me, i promise i will repay back in 9 months...hrishi
+91 9421703549 india , pune
hrishikeshsuttar hrishikeshsuttar
1 Response Dec 15, 2012

You can try p2p lending sites, like Zopa, Prosper or Kiva.