WOW i really want help for a change...

well this may not be an avrige thing but i want help to help someone else aswell. yeah kinda skrewed ayy? but yeah i want help because me being upset is tearing my friend apart i know i sound kinda vain an all but (this is were the vain part gose out the door but any ways) when i get all emotional and what eva i often become a bit of an r's and by doing this i am loseing the most valued thing in my life (just for the girl sitting there saying i think this is me yeah your corect love) so help me plz.....

what do i do? when do i do it? how do i do it? and why am i doing this?

yeah one of those footed things again well just so you know i neeed help geting over the loss of contact with my aunty fiona it use to be more than that but know its just that my aunty fiona and i have a real real real close bond (no not that kinda bond) a bond of love ( i know sounds wrong but let me fix this crazy feeling that you may have) my aunty and i feel the same things like when i am sad so is she, when i am sick so is she and all the other kinda feelings too (im not helping this crazy thing am i ) well any way some of you may understand and other will think wtf but i need help so got any advice plz give it to me i dont care if its hash just give it to me. hehehehe i know well yeah help wanted here so yeah plz

 (,: (its a sad face just so u know)

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1 Response Aug 16, 2007

I think you should first write a letter to each and every one of your close friends apologizing for these random outbursts and explain that you are going to fix these. You are sorry for whatever wrong you have done to them and if you know what you have done wrong put it. As for fixing yourself.... take it day by day and work on small things first. As for your Aunt, I would give her a call and talk about how you miss the closeness yall had. explain to her you would like to try and visit her and see if you can figure something out.