She is the logo photo, she is hot. so young and too sexy. she loved my control of her life. and suddenly we both lost this life

I met her few months back online. she was searching for nothing and don't know which room to enter. been in one of chatting room alone. she told me she was 19 but find out later she is 17 to reach 18 so soon.

Even her english was soo bad ( worse than me.lol) but we manage to communicate. it was 3D chatting so we explore the room and from subject to subject we start act and end up with the best online sex ever had. we then talked and talked with no time count and **** online again. she went to subher self to me by her own, and of course i took the control. we met the next day and same. also the day after till it become our daily practice. we lived for few months the best dom/sub relation i ever had i was dam pleased to the limit. she was too. and all of her life become around me. we start meet on massenger and expose to each other. talking on phone beside online and texting when ever no access to net. exchange photos. and all was going so good. i was even planing to visit her in her country as there is no possiblity for her to come. she wanted me to own her. own the crap **** of her life and all she want from life is to please me sexually and emotionally, this was her extremest desire. i took care of her too and used her they way i like. she was a toy for me and i loved that fucken toy.

till one day she didn't came, i called and didn't answer, text her with no respond. next day i received one sms from cross boarder number telling me that she been cought and she is suffering now with her family about our relation. till now and for the first time i feel ****** up. she was my baby slave who i loved and took care of and i lost her now. it's dam too hard specially from my side. to be the suprior and suddenly loose control. with no power to take what you own. 

Thats her in the group logo (she sent me this photo with a comment that she is waiting me to slap her face with my **** before she will take it all the way inside her mouth while i still sitting on my knees over her sweet head)    

darkpower darkpower
31-35, M
Feb 25, 2010