Out Dating With Me Locked Up!

I can't stop thinking about this lifestyle. I'll set the stage for you: My wife invites me out to a nice quiet dinner, then takes me shopping with her to buy some sexy outfits and lingerie along with many pairs of sky high heels. She tries them all on for me, then takes me to a piercing salon and talks me into getting a "Prince Albert" piercing through the end of my member and convinces me that It will be for her pleasure when she is serviced by me. She then takes me home to give me my present that she ordered and got beforehand.She orders me to shave her pu**y and legs and give her a pedicure and paint her toenails. After that she locks me into a "Vanessa Charland" queening table ( where I am on my back and my head up thru the seat ) and locks on a remote control vibrating butt plug and proceeds to sit on the queening table and makes me lick her to several *******. Then she goes to take a shower leaving me locked up, after she comes out, she dresses in the nice short black dress that she bought along with a garter belt and thigh high stockings and her new 4" heeled "Mary Jane" pumps. She then would sit at her table in plain view of me and do her hair and makeup. Then she would strut over to me still locked in the queening chair, stare right into my eyes and slowly and sensually apply her lipstick. I then ask "what are you going to do with me?" "I have to cool you off because you are too hot right now and anyway YOU are NOT getting me tonight!" She then goes into the kitchen and gets a beg of ice and returns to apply it to my throbbing package. After it goes numb, she locks on a PA5000 chastity device. She then releases me from the chair and says " oh and I got you a little something too." She demands me to put on the sexy maids outfit, locks on and cinches me up TIGHT in a leather corset and locks 5" heels on me with no platforms. Then she calls me over in front of her and announces as she stares directly into my eyes that I will be allowed to orga*m again ONLY after she loses interest in riding her new lover's member. "I don't know honey, I might NEVER lose interest and anyway I f*cked him already and he is so much bigger and better than you." " Now kiss each hand, that's good, now kiss each of my a*s cheeks, you're so obedient, Ok now kiss each high heel." which I do so diligently for her. "Now my sweet cuckold hubby, you must earn all your releases with your good behavior and stunningly perfect housework as I embark on this torrid love affair." "Don't wait up because I probably won't be home tonight or even tomorrow." "Happy cleaning my sweet cuckold, and remember all this is just what YOU wanted!!!!!!!"
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I'm waiting to hear the continuation of THIS story !<br />
Thanks for sharing.