Second Date?

W hile we were on a break some time ago (a break that she instigated), my girlfriend went on a date with another guy and told me about it after we had got back together again.  She had met this guy once before we had met, and back then had a great night with him dancing, but didnt get to see him again because she was moving to another city.  She said he was tall, very handsome and worked as a model.  I suspect she ended the relationship with me at that time to be able to date this guy again, as she had never forgotten that night and he got in contact with her again.  Although I was hurt I was also was very excited when she told me she had been on another date with him, but didn't tell her about it because she didn't know about my fantasies of her being with other men.

Well, after three years I finally told my girlfriend that I fantasise about her being with other men.  I think she was shocked at first, then excited, and then back to schocked again.

Some time after my confession I asked her if she would like to date this guy again, if she knew it wouldn't cause any problems between us.  She replied that she "didn't think so", I asked what if it was just for fun, to go dancing again?  She quickly replied that yes, if it was like that, she would.  She asked me, why? would i like her to date him again? I replied yes and she again quickly replied that in that case if he contacted her again and asked her out that she would say yes.

I was shocked and excited at how little persuasion it took. She asked if I would be ok with him taking her out and paying for everything, I said yes.  I asked her if she would like to kiss him? she said she would have to see at the time, and that maybe she would feel guilty.  Again she asked me, why? Would I like her to kiss him? Again I replied yes.

She emailed the guy later that day and asked if he would like to meet up again, and she is now waiting to see if he will get back to her.

She asked if I wasn't worried about the risk of losing her to him, I said no because I knew she loved me and i didnt want them to date too often.  In truth I know this is a serious possiblity, she says the guy is tall, handsome, wealthy and a little arrogant, that she finds him physically attractive more than emotionally, the very fact that she asked this question without trying to reassure me begs the question.  We are also having a long distance relationship at the moment.  But I find that this risk makes it even more of a turn on for me.

The plan is for him to take her to a bar and then onto a club to dance, she said she just see's it as a fun night out. She said she will tell him she has a boyfriend, but that she knows he wont care about that.  She asked me if i thought they should go for coffee or to a bar before the club, i told her to go to a bar and get a little drunk.

I told her that any physical contact was ok by me, but she is playing it some what coy and acting as if it is just a friendly date.  In truth I hope she gets drunk and that he ends up ******* her, on this or subsequent dates.  She has only ever been with me and I love the idea of her geting ****** by another man and coming back to me.  She is a very "good girl", but the ease at which she has agreed to date this guy again makes me wonder if she is ready to broaden her sexual horizons.

Until this guy contacts her it's just a case of waiting to see what happens next, it's maddening and risky, but very exciting...


lib66 lib66
26-30, M
Dec 16, 2009