The Kind Of ******* I Can't Give Her.

My wife, Diane, knows she has my permission and encouragement to take advantage of any sexual opportunity that might “come up”, even if I’m not around. I am so excited by watching and listening to my wife in the throes of ecstasy, that whenever she starts moaning or becomes obviously excited during intercourse, I become so immediately aroused, that I need to completely stop thrusting or I will *********. This means that whenever my poor wife starts to build to an ****** I have to stop giving her stimulation or just go ahead and ***. My sweet wife never complains, (though, sometimes she does tease me a little). She has told me that quite a few of the men she has had sex with during our marriage have also quickly ********** soon after pushing their hard, throbbing ****'s into her soft, wet, willing *****. Diane says that she looks at their quick ******* as confirmation that these guys truly find her sexy, and appealing. My wife truly and honestly would place more importance on her partners sexual satisfaction than her own. That trait also is apparent in our "normal" life. She really enjoys doing things for other people, and finds fulfillment in making other people happy.
But sometimes, Diane would come across a guy who could deliver a hard, aggressive *******, and last long long enough to give her intense ******* using only his ****. She met up with one of these guys by the name of Jeff at an out-of-town trade show that she would go to twice a year for her job. They would hook up every time they attended one of these functions and my wife would receive the kind of ******* that she loves and deserves. Jeff was a master at the "simultaneous ******". He could bring Diane to a mind blowing ******, timing his own so that he would be *********** as my wife spasmed in ecstasy on his amazing tool. I have an audio tape of one of their trysts that is so ******* hot! In it you can hear my wife moaning… “I’m *******……I’m *******…oh, Jeff, ….Jeff,…..fill me with ***…..ohh Jeff,….Jeff,…..ooohhhhhhh…..god!” At the same time you can also hear Jeff loudly groan as he is ******* bareback, deep inside her. (I’ve jacked off to that tape countless times!)  I know my wife deserves this kind of ******* and I'm so glad that she has been able to experience it with the help of other men. It's nice to know that I'm not the only guy that feels this way……david.

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Very hot admission...........we would all like to be that dominant guy that supplies countless ******* to our wives.......but if our efforts are not quite up to that level, why should our wives miss when she 'confesses' about her extra-marital activities, my **** goes rock hard and so, in the end, we all benefit - my wife, her stud, and myself. Win-win.

very well written. thanks for sharing.

Great story.

I loved the story. LOL... I also liked the comments. It really is a true sexual experience full-filled, being able to share with you guys. I think that it would be great to be able to get together socially. Iv'e read about a group that wish to celebrate an International cuckold day. Imagine the potential scenarios if a group of cuck couples met at a popular resort and got together to share the experiences an interactions they had. In doing so we would add to them... There are holidays to Jamaica......Mmmmmmmm..

Well folks, I sorta agree with all of you. Never thought of myself as a cuck as my wife and I both had sexual fantasies that melded together rather nicely. I liked watching and participating and was obsesssed with pleasuring her and she liked **** so we did whatever we could think of to satisfy both of us. We're even still together over 40 years.

Similar for me.........I am not a \'chuck\', I just happen to get extremely turned on when I know my wife has experienced some other guy\'s ****. Her enjoyment of the act(s), and her confessions in bed, provide us with HOT sex of our own...........I like to know other guys like to **** her!!

This is the greatness I find in you people who called themselves cuckold.You think about your partners satisfaction,her fullfillment.I really bow infront of you.<br />
<br />
In India the husband however impotent he is He will never allow his wife to do this.

Maybe she doesn\'t ask for permission, ----- I am sure Indian women are no different from their western counterparts - they will also love to ****, and if they are not getting enough **** at home, they will go behind their husband\'s back!!

I’m with you guys, you gotta love a wife who won’t settle for an unsatisfactory penis just because she’s married to it. Whether it’s too short, too soft, too thin, too quick, or too ugly, it doesn’t matter. She deserves a magnificent, fat-headed, throbbing **** that can make her moan…..make her ***** cream, and **** throb, one that can stretch her, pound her, and make her feel like a real woman, eventually giving her the kind of ****** that your, less adequate, penis can’t. And that kind of penis deserves to take it’s pleasure buried deep inside another mans, wife. Unencumbered by a restrictive, desensitizing condom, so he is free to enjoy his *********** with his cockhead deeply, and firmly pushed up against the cervical entrance of your moaning wife.