Im An Idiot!

I met my bestfriend when we were on a joint school trip and we hit it off straight away. He was funny and genuine and he tried for a while to get to know me as more than a friend but i had alot of male attention so really did not value him at the time.. instead i labbelled him my 'best friend'

He started seeing someone else... it did nt last and same with me so we were constantly in and out of each others lifes but i never had the patience to tke things at his pace.. instead i would go out with someone.. then when it did not work out i would come back to him and b like 'yeh r u ready yet'.

I ended up gettin pregnant and am now raising my daughter on my own and it just so happens that the area i moved to is where he is going to uni now and we have started getting close again. I know that i hurt him so much and i know if i work hard enough that i could get him back bu honestly im so scared. I dont feel like i deserve him anymore... throughout he has been patient and caring and supportive and still tells me im beautifull and encourages me to finish college...

I just dont know whether i can make him happy anymore.. i need help!!
jadorediorre2 jadorediorre2
18-21, F
Jun 19, 2011