I Want Him Back

he says he wants me back...but he has a girlfriend who i guess can do no wrong...he's caught her cheating more than once and he gets so upset and mad and says he's going to dump her...but then she says she loves him and kisses him and he's right back with her...i can't take him getting hurt and i want him back because i love him and he says he still loves me....he always is asking me if i hate her because of what she's done...but then i ask does my opinion even matter at this point? he's  changed...a lot...and is now....i guess you could say a monster....he's even scared of himself. last night my best friend,who is also best friends with him, said i had to talk to him asap because he was going to do somthing bad...so i went over to his house and talked to him...he cried a lot and at one point was crawled up in a ball shaking...he told me he wanted to be his old self...(he wasn't a very good guy when i started dating him...my friends,his family and friends,and even him said that i changed him...they said i made him the best guy he could be.) so i talked to him about that and then he got to laughing and we had a lot of fun he was acting like a little kid. then we fell asleep. today i wake up and go home..he's girlfriend gets up and everything goes back to the way it was...pretending they didn't have a horrible fight the night before...and i sit back and watch as they flirt and do some other things...no one likes her...his family hates her...they loved me...his dad still introduces me as future daughter-in-law...i'm just confused...he wants me i want him but we don't do anything about it....because of her...btw she was one of my best friends....so what's your opinion on this? what would you do? 
xXbabydragonXx xXbabydragonXx
13-15, F
Jul 25, 2011