I Am Obsessed

I met him when I was 14.I wasn't that much in love with him but eventually he made me fall head over heals in love with him.He promised me of things,claimed that he would always love me.Soon it changed.After a year and half of our relationship,he began to cut me off and he blamed me for it.He was just selfish and I thought that I was being over demanding.Now,he has left me completely.First he made me believe that we were meant to be and now he says he was not happy with me.two years ago whenever I tried to break up with him he would ask me to stay.And I did everytime.Now I am begging him to take me back but he won't.He won't say he loves me but when we were having sex he whispered it in my ears.He gives and then takes back.
fallenazazel fallenazazel
18-21, F
4 Responses Oct 11, 2011

Run away from him,and FAST! This man is using you,he is using your youth and lack of experience of life,your naivety,he is putting the blame on you to manipulate you,so he can do as he pleases with you,come and go when it suits him all the while making you believe it is your fault and you deserve what you get.Soon he will start hitting you and tell you it is because of your behaviour, that you are pushing him to do it and that you deserve it! This man is abusing you emotionally,has no respect for you,DOES NOT LOVE YOU! he is traumatising you.Leave him before he does any more damage to your psychie,which will later make it very difficult for you to relate to other men who could in fact be good to you, because of the lack of trust you will have acquired.If a man makes you feel unhappy,HE IS WRONG FOR YOU! Do not waste any more of your precious time with him! You could be attracted to the same kind of man your father is, it happens a lot to people coming from abusive background.Take care.

a person who doesn't respect you do not deserve your love.................best of luck!!!!

Thanks alot.I am trying my best not to go back to him.

extremely disrespectful , all guys are so complicated , they can say anything anytime to get their benefit , hate it , i'm so sad for you sweetie , just leave that guy who didn't respect you , take care and plz don't look back , i know its tooo tough , i know all , still just move on , i'm telling from my life experience , you can talk to me if you want , okay ?? ......take care ...(( hugs ))