I Want Him Back

I had an affair with a married man, on and off for two years, then I found out she was having a baby so it finished for three months, then he came back, now this time she found out again and she went to the Police saying I was harassing him so I'm not allowed to contact him.
All I want is him back, I love him so much. Will he come and find me again?
marshmallow83 marshmallow83
26-30, F
2 Responses Nov 10, 2011

First off what is going on is wrong. Also you need to accept that you deserve more than just being the other woman you deserve a man who makes you his only woman. He obviously is not planning on leaving his family and making a lif with you. I'm sure your a nice young woman and all so don't sell yourself short at a true shot at happiness

end your feelings towards him,,i experience also that inlove with married man but now were totally just friend,, when he left me for his other woman not wife i understand him,, and think he got other woman besides me..just imagine the guilt of breaking up a happy family.