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I Want Him Back, But Then Not Really.

I do want him back. but then I don't. My emotions are all jumbled together and it's not simple.
mistressmonique mistressmonique 46-50, F 2 Responses Jan 18, 2013

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When life is going good for me, I think,
" Yeh, that's one of the charms of life - that it's not simple. "

Hi,if you are not sure about you feelings,maybe its for the best for you to end everything now,to let it all behind and to look forward for a new experience in your life.There are many ways to get your ex back but you got to be sure about your love towards him...

I know that it's for the best not to have anything to do with him now. But I do want to explain to him about things (I'll do this in time. I'm waiting a long time on purpose).