Help :(

Okay, so it's been over a week since my bf broke up with me. I cannot stop thinking about him.

He ended the relationship due to not spending enough time with each other, we dated for around 3 weeks.
At the beginning, things was great. We went to cinema, he paid. :) We had a really nice time.
The following week, i went to his house and had tea there. I thought it went great.
The next week he sent me a message saying that we should stay friends as we haven't been spending enough time together.
A few days before that, I was suggesting to meet up on the Sunday but the rugby was on and he wanted to watch it. :/ So i suggested Monday but he was meeting up with his best mate for a games night, I didn't wanna push it so i left it as that. I know he doesn't like clingy girls so I haven't been as full on with the relationship. I told him this and he was like, "yeah I don't like clingy girls but I want to see my gf atleast a few days a week" I said we can spend alot more time together now that I know that, told him I miss him etc but his mind was made up.

We dated a few months ago during College but it didn't work out as I "didn't pay him enough attention"
I told him then that i know his mates don't like me and felt uncomfortable around his friends etc but we remained friends.

So a few months down the line, we decide to give another go and this happens.
I can't stop thinking about him and want to talk to him about getting together again but I don't think I can handle the rejection.

He asked me out the first time, I said yeah. He broke up with me. I asked him back out, he said no.
I asked him back out again and he says yeah.
Then i get dumped.
If he liked me then why would he take me to the cinema? Invite me over to his house for tea? He was dead keen too see me, asking me if i wanted to go to his sisters etc.

I don't get it, i haven't felt this way in a long time.

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Thanks alot, much appreciated. :)

MsLizBaby is right you need to move on and have fun...Easier said then done...I know but who knows if it's meant to be with you and this dude then maybe showing him your not pining over him will help :)

Girl, what your feeling- -we've all felt it before. I've gone through similar situation & sometimes I repeat it again here&there. To be honest & from what I read; your ex doesn't know what he wants,needs & deserves, & either do you. You've done your part so many times; and he doesnt do the same for you - -why keep trying then? Obviously, you two weren't met to be. Maybe not now, but who knows in the future, but exactly - - the "future". As of right now; move on-- move on with your life. Date other men, have fun - - enjoy yourself. Yes, it wont be easy, but as soon as you find someone else & you know what you need,want & deserve in your life & in your relationship - - you'll be so much happier & dating would be so much easier. I have a story based on what you need,want & deserve; if you get a chance; you should check out out - - <br />
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But slly, you may not like what I said because u want him back, but im just teling you the honest truth, but sometimes you need to hear it from someone to make you realize you dont deserve to have another heart break from him & dont you think its sad that you already know you'll be rejection but you keep trying? <br />
<br />
So heads up, be confident & strong. You'll do fine