We had been together for 7 years... we have two beautiful children and one on the way. He had to take a business trip to the UK. When he came back he said he was no longer in love with me and that our marriage was over. We are now divorced and I am so alone. I am still in love with him and I do not think there will ever be a time in my life when I am not. No one has ever meant so much to me as his does. While we were together I had my complaints but now I would give anything just to hear him say he loves me. I feel as though I am missing a vital part of myself. He was my other half. I do not know what to do or think without him.

What makes things worse is until he gets him Visa to move to the UK we are living in the same house. So I have to look at him everyday knowing that he no longer feels anyhting for me. As if that was not enough he just had a major surgery on his stomach and through his recovery I am all he has so I have to set here and take care of him and help him with everything and all that is doing is making my feelings for him that much stronger. I am so miserable. For such a long time he has been my everything and now what am I if he no longer wants any part of my life.

I love him and ALL I want is to be with him!

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I too hope things are getting better agree with pixelbest and use the time now to concentrate on your two bueatifull children and try to build up a small close circle of friends to have a little "ME" time with and life will get better gradually.

I think you want your old life back not him.<br />
The fact that you can care for him whilst he is recovering shows what a good person you are.<br />
I didnot plan my life the way it has turned out and infact only discovered how many people in real life truly love me, when I tried to take my own life.<br />
You are still very young and the future who knows? It is easy to hang on to what we know, no matter how painful, then to take that leap of faith.<br />
It has been awhile since you posted this story, I hope you are coping and please tap into your inner strength, you deserve better.

I feel your pain. I really do!!!