HELP!! I Need Advice!!

  we met over a year before he asked me out and flirted until a whole year went by...  his sister lives next to me and he started staying there regularly before we got together and he says it was to see me... at a halloween party last year he asked me to go out and things were perfect from the begging..  we never fought over anythign big we agreed on where we were goign to move and what we were going to do with our lives together...  things were perfect everyday i would go to his house and we ( mostly him) would cook the family dinner and everyone got along great...  then one day his sister pulls me asside and asked if i thought a ring was comming because his mom had hinted that she knew somethign and she wanted to get my feelings on it..  i told her i didnt suspect anything but would gladly accept..  more time went on and he comtinued to talk marriage to me and his and my family we were together for every family function and we were equally accepted on both sides...  then one day we found out some news that freaked both of us out..  i was pregnant and we didnt know what to do about it...  the first day i didnt want to keep it then the next day i realized i couldnt do that and i was just scared so i spoke wiht him and he told me he supports me either way just to reallythink things through..  the next day i called him adnhe was very upset when he finally spilled on what was wrong he told me if we terminated we were making the wrong decision what would the diffrence be if we had a id now or in 5 years besides that we were not at the stage we would have liked to be at...  i agreed and 3 days later i was in a terrible car accident and lost the baby...  he took care of me through everything and always made sure i was ok...  things went on ok with us and i was a little distant and began experiancing jealousy feelings over his sister whom he is very close with...  about 3 weeks after i started acting like this he got word he may loose his job the next day he didnt think he could be in a relatoinship...  his feelings were that he loved me and he wanted to be with me but i deserve someone who could provide better and buy me things i deserve like jewlery and such(none of which i ever asked for)...  i was distraught then 3 days later he called me to make sure i was ok and gave me the whole talk of he couldnt even go camping (which is what we did on weekends) because he just didnt want to leave the house and he knows im am the person he wants to be with forever he just needs time..  i told him fine take your time but i may not be here when your ready...  now that i have bene out of this for 4 months i realized i love him more then i ever thought...  i am a city person (i thought so anyway) and he is a counrty boy but i just had an aha moment and realized i was not goign to be happy in the city and that i really am a small town girl which is what he always wanted..  i am not saying this cause thats what he wanted cause i had moved on met some great people and was happy and then just like a lightswitch i realized what i was doing and i already know who i want to be with...  i really need advice on this one..  i truly love him and i can keep pretending im ok and move on but since we broke up he is hardly ever at his sisters house and if he is and sees me outside he just stares at me but i am too afraid to say anything..  i should throw out there he is 30 and im 22..  we are both grown adults...  i don tknow if its because of his past all his previous girls have cheated on him and his parents are splitting up and his sister that he is close with is very controling..  i dont know if he is scared that thats all marriage and a life together is but i need help!!

arex87 arex87
22-25, F
Sep 5, 2009