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we were best friends for a few years and then i realised i really liked him, he was always the one person i didnt have to be uncomfortable around i could always be myself. in january i told him i liked him and he said he was ok with it but only liked me as a friend, in june his best mate told me that he was lying to protect me an he actually did like me, so i pulled him up on it an he admitted he did, but he wasnt ready for a relationship. so we started casually seeing eachother for a few months it was great, then at th end of august he avoided me for 2 weeks, wouldnt explain why. he told our mutual friend that he no longer liked me like that, but he hasnt spoken to me about it, hes carrying on like we're best friends like before he ever kissed me an its killing me i tried talking about it but he wont. an now he's constantly having text sex with this girl who lives miles away that he met once. and the stupid thing is, id do anything to get him back an have that feeling of being myself again.

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hi guys both of you sound really hurt an im sorry to hear it, i wanted to let you know that since posting this i continued on as his best friend and refused any advaces on his part as i was not gonna be a friend with bennefits. i was lucky enough that this is all it took for him to realise it was me he wanted and it took a month for himto ask me out and we've been in a commited relationship for the last 10 months =) <br />
i really do hope you find your way to get what you want, sometimes it is as simple as showing him what he's missing<br />

Sounds too very familiar with what I'm going through right now myself. I miss him dearly and wish I could win him back. Naturally I'm sitting here thinking of little things to whim he back, but then reality eventually, always sets in. With mines, we were friends for years and then I started to like him on a more-then-friends level. At first he seemed very interested and felt the same, but when things took a serious turn I got the bs line of, "I'm not looking to get into a relationship right now". But yet I hung around, hoping maybe within time we would be together. I ended up being more of a friend with benefits then what I hoped for. Now he is no longer talking to me because I told him I cannot withstand being shoved on the sidelines until he figures out what he wants.

i understand that feeling, i've been there recently and i also tried to win my man back. nw i am stil thinking if i have to reconnect since it seems he is going to marry the other woman... <br />
<br />
i'm still hurt...