Back In Diapers At Age 7

My first thought of diapers was when I was 7 years old I my aunt use to baby sit a boy and gril but they were toddlers still in cloth diapers and plastic pants, and I was 7 years old at that time, I saw them running around in there little bulky diapers and I just loved how they looked and some times I would touch them, and always woundered how they would feel if I had one on. I was growing up with 4 others in the house two boys and two girls and me. So it was hard to hide anything, I did get the nerve to take a pair of cloth diapers and a pair of baby blue plastic pants out of the boys diaper bag and I put it in a safe place for me. When nobody was looking I would go into the bath room and put on the cloth diapers between my legs and pull up the baby blue plastic pants and it was a wounderful feeling and I fell in love with the bulky feeling between my legs and the look and noise that the plastic pants made. I started wearing as much as I could. I thought just like most of us who like diapers that I would wired but I learned to excipt it, I was going to like diapers for a long time and when I got older in school I always had diapers some place in my room or some place else. When I got to high school I was on the football team and was well known the sports in school on halloween I dressed up as a big baby and all the girls liked what I was wearing for I was wearing real cloth diapers and plastic pants and footed PJ's to school but one female teacher notice that my costum was a big baby boy she called me over to her dest after class and said you a nice looking baby boy are those real diapers you are wearing and I said yes why she said I was just woundering they looked real are you wet in them. I said I brought a change she said for me to come back in her class room during lunch and she would help me change them. She was a very prety lady I use to look at her legs and heels all the time and use to think it would sure be nice to kiss her stocking legs. But the thought of her helping me change my wet diapers was something got my interest. I showed up at her class room like she said and she told me to lay down and she stared to unsnap my footed PJ's and my diapers were exposed to her her eyes opend wide and said wow you are in real baby diapers and that smell with baby bowder and your pee has a baby effect. She did what she wanted to do and she did do a diaper change on my. But that was not the last time she did this. I started mowing her lawn at her house on two saturday's a month my first time at her house I thought I would meet her husband but she was a single lady. I was still on the football team and things started to make me feel real scared I'm a footable player and I'm still in diapers this is crazy. But nothing was more comforable and looking up at a pretty lady changing my wet diapers and taling baby talk to me we had a relationship behind closed doors she had this thing for adults in diapers and she wanted to be a mommy. I use to hear her say she knew this lady in hollywood that had a store that sell diapers for adults she was very well known as uba fastions and who would of thought that my one of my teachers would have been into this scene.

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I'm a full time cd. But I also love to wear my diapers and pink plastic panties! Both my wife and I wear them to bed or around the house.

I WAS THERE AT UBA'S OFTEN! i was sad for weeks, after hearing of her passing away. she was a big lady, with an evern bigger love for all of us diapered sissies, cd's and tv's etc.. maybe you and i have met while shopping there? :)

i'm also very familliar to what you experienced while diapered at school. i went through all my school years wearing thick sets of real cloth diapers with plastic panties that everyone could easily notice. likewise, i recall watching the school nurse unpinning my wet diapers and her reaction as my throbbing erection popped up. and like your experience with your teacher. the school nurses did whatever they enjoyed to release my load, before pinning on a clean set of diapers and sending me off with a smile on my face. :)
unfortunately, those pleasures from diaper changes by the school nurse ended after 8th grade. for some reason, the high school nurses weren't allowed to change diapers. :(

anyways, i was soooo happy to hear from someone else who shopped at UBA's. i grew up being raised needing to be diapered 24/7 since birth. which is why my mom felt i would be better off in life, if i lived it as a girl. and i've never regretted it! :)

i look forward to your continuation. and if there's anyone else who shopped at UBA's, or is into diapers and dresses like me. drop me a line.

thanks for the story

Your welcome I could share another story about I started to deal with diapers as I got older and was out on my own as a young adult, diapers had followed me up to this day.

please share this other story that you mention

Do you still wear diapers today?

yes I wear thick cloth diapers for bed and if I'm out in public I will wear a training pants with a soaker and a pair of snap on plastic pants over them.

Hi baby andy, Yes I still wear cloth diapers and plastic pants and my adult toddler baby clothes as well, only when I'm working in my home office. and when it's time to play. I will always be in diapers this is a fun and safe time for me.

Please continue the story

sounds so nice I WISHED i was there