Making Two Happy

I have been a plastic pantie and cloth diaper lover all of my life.  i really enjoy how they feel. 

My wife knows and is not put off by this.  In fact she encourages it.  I work away from home and she knows if I diapered up no-one else will be is my diapers. The other reason is i am one who doesn't  show everyone what i have under by bib overalls.  If they can see my bottom sagging and maybe a wet spot or two and figure it out so be it

Being a good man in diapers all i have on is my diaper and onesie with free run.  It is such a GREAT feeling in wet diapers, mine is nice and wet

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1 Response Mar 3, 2009

nice real story. good to see your wife encourages you too. does she take care of you when you're home?