Deep And Hard.

Oh my god, I dont think I want anyone else so deep and hard inside as I do him.
I know his hard heavy body would feel so good on top with my arms and legs wrapped around him tight and his **** glued inside me making me moan and whimper.
And like always he'll cover my mouth while ******* me harder and harder. Then grab my legs and get them over his shoulders while setting himself lower and harder on me filling me up more and feeling deeper inside almost breaking me and kissin my lips hard and sucking on my neck while going at it.
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2 Responses Aug 3, 2010

Oh my god<br />
wht a good detaıl wht u want :)<br />
<br />
ı wonder how ur sound u feel forced ur tıght hole and coverıng hot lıps urs :)

I want him crushing every bone in me.. all his 200 pound male bod on top of me with him so deep in me that I pain.. I squirm and I wiggle and I twist and turn but he got me pinned, like a fish out of water. I twitch, My toes curl and then I explode..