I Want And Need Your Penetration

I love having you kiss me, deeply and passionately; the depth and wetness of those kisses foretell of so much more to come. You caress my breasts and bend down and lightly nibble and lick my nipples causing them to harden and stand at attention, wanting more. We then move into position to orally love each other, your **** going deep into my mouth and your tongue probing deep into my empty *****. My hips cannot help but rise off of the mattress because my ***** needs so desperately to be filled. You sense what I want, what I need and crave and you move around and into position. Again your tongue goes deep, but this time into my mouth, letting me taste myself on your lips. You hear me moan and my hips are pushing against you, yet you make me wait, and want you even more. When I can take it no longer you move your **** to the opening of my hungry ***** and plunge inside of me. Ahhhhh........ this is what I have been craving so much..... I love having you inside of me, probing my warm and wet ***** with your hard ****. All foreplay leads up to this one defining moment, when I finally get you deep inside of me, causing electric tingles to fill my womb. I want and need for you to penetrate me, over and over and over again.
justwonderingif justwonderingif
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7 Responses Aug 13, 2010

Very nicely put!

lol I'd like the fluid version myself ... <br />
<br />
*licks lips*

dc, I'm glad you conjured up a dream version even though you've never heard my voice. I guess I'm not really surprised that you handled it so well. Sweet and wet dreams, my friend,<br />
<br />
Paphian-- I guess you'll have to conjure up the audio for yourself like dc did. nighty night.

On the contrary, after laying down I found the dream version not only had audio but hi-definition too. I woke up and the bed was wet and sticky. I think I "handled" it pretty well. :-) dc

Thanks, Bonnie. I'm glad i could make you tingle, too.

Well, judging from these comments, I'd say my story touched a nerve (or something). Thanks for all the hot comments, guys.

I'm not sure you could handle the audio version. lol

Whew! I thought the heat wave was over until I read this hot and sexy story. I think I'm going to have to lay down and cool off. Any chance I could get this story in the audio version?:-) dc