For My Sgt... Yet Another Love Letter... I Can't Help It

The first time I chatted with you I felt this undeniable connection but I ignored what I thought was coming from you. I knew I was ready to embark on something that would change my life more than I could ever imagine and I was not ready to go down that road. Boy did things change fast.

The other night I dreamed that we were on a trampoline.  We were having so much fun bouncing and tickling each other, playing like kids. We soon collapsed and rested there as we enjoyed the warm spring sunshine.  I looked over as you and you were staring at me. I couldn’t resist placing my hand against your face to trace the masculine jaw line. I just wanted to touch you and to know you were real. There was complete silence in that moment but it was not awkward, it was a comfortable silence, one shared by most intimate partners. I wake up to realize it was only a dream but soon I find myself drifting off once again. 

When I fall asleep I dream that you're next to me and I can feel your skin underneath my hand.  I smell your masculine scent fill my nostrils.  We are walking in the leaves of fall.  You grab me ad wrestle me to the ground among the leaves.  You tickle me playfully as I giggle away just happy to be close to you and feeling your warmth.  I woke up and the sun was shining through my windows trying to warm my cold, lonely, sad bed.  I decide to leave the bedroom because it is too lonely being there without you.

Now I am just sitting here thinking of the dreams from the other night and of you - but what else is new.  I love the time we get to be together, I just wish there was more of it - and that it lasted longer than it does - but I am thankful for any time together.

You are like a dream to me. You have made me so happy, made me feel so alive. Every time you tell me good bye, a little piece of me stays with you, and it makes me happy to know that you feel the same way. If it's meant to be, it will be, in time; we both know that. We just seem to have that special connection that I hear so much about but that I had never known before.

Sometimes I wonder if you're thinking of me, then you tell me that I'm on your mind all the time; I giggle when you say this to me.  Sometimes I feel very selfish, I just want you here, now, forever, but I know we both have to wait. To spend just a few minutes in your arms, to feel you gently touch my face, to have you run your fingers through my hair, to feel your kisses and caresses all over my body - it's all so worth it. To make love to you is still just a dream - and yes, I know, the right time will come - but for now, every second we spend together is so very special. I still can't believe how lucky I am.


My Love Always,


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A lot of yay and yipee too. lol


Yes you do.

Thanks mother.