Up late tonight and signed on to adam4adam. Never really find much there but immediately received two messages. Odd for a late Sunday night. Also odd that they were both tops and looking for now.
Chatted back and forth with the two guys for a while and one was more confident than the other so I invited him over. Told him I was up for giving a blow job and we could go from there. I have a house guest so I told him the garage door would be partway up and I would meet him in there.
He got here about 15 minutes later. There's a street light outside my house so I could see his silhouette as he walked in my driveway. He was wearing track pants and an a-shirt. Nice arms and a nice swagger.
He ducked under the door and walked straight up to me - reached out and grabbed my **** with one hand and one of my hands with the other. He put my hand against the hard mound in the front of his pants and asked "are you ready"? In his profile, he said he had a 6.5" cut ****. What he neglected to mention was the nice thickness and the mushroom head that was twice the size as the shaft! I love the way it feels when a big mushroom head pops in and out of my ***.
After a few minutes of exploring each other's bodies with our hands, I pulled his shirt up, tucked it behind his head and began licking him from the side of his neck to just above the base of his ****. He gently rested his hands on the back of my head and occasionally guided me one direction or another. Eventually, I could tell he was getting really turned on and wanted my mouth around his ****. He would moan and guide my head low as he thrust his hips forward.
I reached around behind him and started tugging his track pants down until they were pulled down low enough to trap his **** sticking straight out towards my chest. I would alternate pulling one side down far enough to suck that sensitive area between his leg muscle and his balls and then the other side. He was bucking like crazy and his **** was jumping hard enough to pull on the pants.
I moved lower with my mouth and breathed hot moist air through the pants onto his balls and then on his shaft. I could taste the spot where his precum had leaked through the pants. I couldn't wait any longer. It wasn't just torture for him but I wanted his **** in my mouth as much as he did.
I barely got his pants down before he thrust forward and buried himself balls deep into my throat. He tightened his grip on the back of my head and held me there while he flexed. When he did pull back, I could taste a trail of precum pouring out on my tongue. Each time I would take him deep to my throat and pull back, I would taste more precum. At one point, I thought he had already *** in my throat and I was just getting the final little spurts. I was wrong!
After a few minutes, he pulled his **** from my mouth and pushed me down to the ground where he joined me. We were laying down on our side in a 69 position. He didn't give my **** near the attention I had given but I know he got a big helping of precum that had been drooling from my **** hole. He flicked my **** hole with his tongue to keep it coming.
While I continued to work on his ****, he changed focus and, after spitting in his hand, started working on my ***. He went straight to business working on my prostate with gentle strokes and kept lapping up the precum his actions were producing. After he got me bucking a little, he guided me up and over him so I was straddling his chest.
He was twist-rubbing my **** head with one spit filled hand and my *** with the other. I was riding on the edge as he started rubbing that big mushroom head against my hole. There was enough precum pouring from him that he no longer needed spit. The head was spreading my hole open a little more each time he pushed but still would not give way. I was way to tight for the girth of it.
He rolled me over so that I was on my back and lifted my hips. He leaned in over my chest and slowly began thrusting forward. I put my hands on his thighs to keep him from hurting me but never had to push back. He just kept slowly rocking - inching into me a tiny bit deeper each time. I could hear the sound of his precum up against my hole. I couldn't wait any more and moved my hands from his thighs around to his *** and pulled him into me. I could feel my hole open wide for his head and then spring back, closing in tight on his smaller shaft.
He arched backwards pressing the end of his **** firmly against my prostate and kept his **** head firmly on it with short motions back and forth. The feeling was so different than anything I had ever felt. It was softer than the feeling I get when someone fingers my *** but it was wider as his mushroom covered the full width. After about a minute, I could feel a river of precum running up my stomach towards my chest. I scooped some up and fingered it into my mouth. Up until this point, it was just raw sex. No kissing or caressing but, with my own precum on my lips, he leaned forward and enveloped my mouth with his. The energy changed and he was now thrusting hard, fast and long.
With each thrust, I could feel his mushroom head pull all the way out of me and then push back in. Each time brushing hard up against my prostate. My *** was pulsating and I started having a prostate ******. I wasn't shooting *** but the feeling was just as intense and lasted for what seemed like forever.
The speed of his thrusts slowed and he leaned back putting his hands on the ground beside him. The added upward pressure sent me over the edge and I felt 5 or 6 jets of my own *** splash against my face and chin. Simultaneously I could feel jets of his *** filling up my ***. He pulled all the way out of me and thrust back in a few more times. I could feel his thighs shivering under me. He grunted and just fell forward onto my chest. I could feel his heavy slowed breathing. Between each breath, he kissed my face with an open mouth cleaning up more of my *** each time. He brought his *** filled mouth to mine and thrust his tongue deep leaving a lot of my own *** on my tongue. When he sat back and pulled out of me, I got another shutter as his **** head spread my tired hole and it felt like another shortened ******. He put his hands up under the small of my back and pulled my body towards his mouth. He bent down and took my **** in his mouth and sucked the last few drops. It was almost unbearable but still felt amazing.
He stood up, leaving me limp on the floor of my garage. Got dressed and ducked out into the street light without a word.
Tonight was one of the hottest experiences I've ever had and I hope I hear from him again. I can't imagine what we can do next time to top this.
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The only think left is an all-nighter with your boy!