I Wish That He Would Show Me Affection...

I love to be held at night. My current boyfriend never even puts an arm around me. I lay in bed wishing that he would reach out to me & he never does. He turns his back to me and goes right to sleep. He likes for me to scratch his back and all that and I do it because he enjoys it. It makes me sad that the only intimacy that I get is by giving to him. Maybe I want things too...but laying in bed facing me is "uncomfortable". My heart hurts because I want his love...but I can't feel it. I'm just supposed to know it according to him. Action speak louder that words....thats what I think anyway.

CarrieBeth CarrieBeth
26-30, F
2 Responses May 5, 2010

This is very easy. Just tell him what you want. Men are easy creatures and yours sound as simple. Who doesn't love being back-scratched? It's so ticklish. Next time tell him to do it to you, and then hold you right after that.

i fell the same with my gf!