A Major Awakening!!!

Today after a turbulent three years i have realised that I am worn out trying to please people and putting on a brave face so that i wouldn't give the impression that i was a lonely oh so lonely person, saying that i can act so well that no one see what is really going on inside this blonde head of mine.
Well the end of a relationship, he made that perfectly clear yesterday and boy did it hurt, it hurt to the point that i thought my heart would break in two and i stood in my shower and cried my eyes out and still feel so sad but life has to go on......
The sad part of it is that he went away and asked me to wait until he came back again and i reluctantly said yes but i loved him so much that i let my heart rule my head and i never do that as a rule but I DID,
But it is hard trying to have a relationship through instant messenger sending pics of each other and etc etc( now i am no spring chicken nor is he but love knows no age).But damm i fell hook line and sinker and it hurts.
At THIS MOMENT i am trying to decide to delete him from my phone or not but the coward in me wont let me....... maybe tomorrow who knows. must sleep now and hopefully i will feel better in the morning.
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3 Responses Sep 11, 2012

Press Delete sweetie...and time will soon allow you to fade into memory...
Feel stronger, feel better...and feel that this world can hold you, everyone DESERVES to feel loved!

i eventually did Ferric67, i am going to start dating again, if one thing i have learned from this relationship and it was never give yourself to anyone 100% because it is thrown back on ones face,
Your advice is very sound and yes everyone does need to feel loved, thank you!!

sorry for him ******* you over but time heals and you will find someone else vinny

What were his reasons for leaving? He's being unfair to you and you're being unfair to yourself. Just my opinion.

family reasons, yes im trying to get him out of my head