Lover's Dream

If I could only whisk away the distance
And bring him to my world
so we can dance
If I could only close my eyes to dream
Open my eyelids
with my arms around him
We could lock our eyes
in a beautiful gaze
Our bodies in a rhythm
of a frantic craze...

If I could only snap my fingers
and there he is
standing before me
I would like to forget the time
I would be his partner in crime
but we can share
a blissful harmony
destined for two people
to share eternity...

If I could only ask
the heavens above
to unite our world
and bridge the gaps
to remove the oceans
that separate us
so we could be together
to love and laugh
to cry and be sad
to be good or bad
to become ourselves
to share everything which our  bodies cry for
As our feet lead us to that door
such longing seen by fervent eyes
with ardent wishes and desires

A lover's dream.

4BlackForest 4BlackForest
36-40, F
5 Responses Nov 5, 2010

absolutely gorgeous. i have this dream sometimes about just taking his hand and dragging him into the snow and we can just randomly slow dance...we dnt need music.. people around us can start at us like we are hand is in his and thats all that matters right then and there...i just think...what better way to live life than to love the fool you are and be comfortable as to being so open. Live in your own smile.

sounds like you are desiring something/ someone in your mind.. : ) .

my dear's been two years and still a dream....maybe my life will always be filled with fantasy only.<br />
<br />
redtailfree48..thank you if it touched your inner soul.

That poem was very beautiful and very touching

That's beautiful BF. I hope your wishes come true. :-)