I Need You..

No words to explain...the only thing i know is i want you...before 5 year we met..for 4 years we were best friends..you got my tears,you shared my smile..you were a shadow for my life...why did you love me my love?..you did love me so much..i felt that..i got a nice world because of your love..though i too had a love in my heart,i didn't accept your love..you asked for it 100times..but my heart was stubborn..atlast you went away with tears..but after some time my heart too asked for you..i wanted to love you..i couldn't find you..but anyhow i told it to you..but you didn't accept..so i was waiting..now after a 1 year,till i'm waiting for your answer..i know you can't love any other..me too..never..at last you promised me to tell your final answer for my love..so i have 9 days more to get it...i am waiting..i did it for a year..so why i can't do it for 9 days..don't know about your answer..but i never hate you..i respect you..you can leave me..but i can't..i want you..forever and ever..
Sharasithu Sharasithu
22-25, F
1 Response Sep 27, 2011

Is there a happy ending here?

In really life,yet expecting the happy end..let's see what will happen...