I'm Sorry (p.s. Please comment, I need advice =[ )

Sometimes I close my eyes and try to pretend that we're still together. I still love my ex boyfriend and it's killing me every single day. I know I should move on, but I just can't. Everything that happened between us was my fault and I have to live with that every day for the rest of my life. He is 2 and a half years younger than me and alot of my friends insist that he's too immature for a serious relationship, but they didnt even know him like I did. I was the immature one, I didn't appreciate him enough and took him for granted, I assumed that because I was older than him, and that he was so happy to even be with me, that he would never leave me, but was I wrong.

Three days before my birthday he decided it was time to 'take a break' the break never stopped and we have been broken up for 9 months. I am still waiting for him to take me back, the tables have turned and now I'm the one who is on my hands and knees crying for him to love me again. This will probably never happen because I am fully confident in the amount of hate he has for me now for numerous reasons, every once in awhile I crack and send him texts stating my love for him still and how sorry I am and he either doesn't respond or he does telling me to stop and leave him alone. I just don't know what to do anymore, I can't take not being with him, now that he's gone I've realized how much I truely loved h, and how he was te first person to make me feel so important.

I'm scared. I don't want to sit around and watch him slip further and further away from me, e used to be the person who knew me better than I knew myself. I used to know him better than I knew me, but now I don't even know who he is anymore. I can't just sit aroud and watch him change from the beautiful and caring person he used to be and I'm nit going to wait for him to "grow up" as my friends would say. I've done everything I could possibly think of... I'm running out of options. I love him too much to ever give up hope.
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feeling better? :)

At least I'm not alone... :/

Wow, my story is almost identical

I was thinking of going to his house or something.. he lives pretty close. I've been taking guitar lessons so I can sing our song to him.. but hed probably call the cops on me... god i hate and love him ya know?