Am I Being Selfish

Here we go... its Valentines Day. 

I got him gifts. Thoughtful gifts. I have thought of everything I am going to write in the card.  I even figured out what I am going to wear tonight.

I tweeted him... "happy valentines day" and he gives me a "you too".

you too? do you not want people knowing. everyone else tweets "happy valentines day to the love of my life..." and i get a "you too".

if i say anything that will start a fight. It will cause problems and we probably won't hang out tonight. 

but like an idiot...thinking i can tell people how i feel..  I said something. and of course... I'm over-reacting... its just twitter. Its little things. tiny little things that make me happy.

if i had said YOU TOO he'd be flipping out. he'd be having a panic'd be my fault. 

im hurting. its like he doesn't want his friends knowing im his valentine. it's like he can tweet with every other flirty...but with me its not important to him. he doesnt care. he doesnt want to. and honestly i feel like tonight is going to have no thought put into it. 

Tonight he said he was going to make me dinner. Im thinking hes going to get something frozen and warm it up...theres dinner. I wont get a flower i won't get a card. i wont get anything. im not materialistic, but i like to be spoiled once in a while. i like to get gifts once in a while. in 4 years we've been together... i got flowers once, chocolates once, and one gift.  i have given him gifts and little surprises. i am trying so hard but i get nothing in return.

does this make me selfish? for wanting something like a "happy valentines day babe" on twitter, and a flower or a card tonight?  A well thought out dinner where he actually put thought into it?

am i just being selfish because this is what everyone else is getting?fishdnfndsf

cutecrazy05 cutecrazy05
Feb 14, 2012