L.o.v.e Me

its weird like how we met not weird but so unexpectind just like how he is in away. Like i wasnt expecting for him to walse in my life the way he did but he did. But its like this ive never been in love but i know that i like him. Hes been in love before, but i feel like he isnt realy looking for that right now. but i just dont wanna be just some random girl to him just another girl in his phone. I wanna be that girl he will never forget about. I mean he said in due time he was gonna make me love him but im not at that point myself and i was like yea ok right. I mean we've talked about love before like how we feel about it and what we think about it. And hes already told me that he isnt like faling in love with me but i am in his heart. He said you can never be replaced and that hes not gonna find anyboy else like me. i mean his brother doesnt like half of his exs but he told him dont cheat on that girl she cool man i like her.  My thing is i just dont want to be some girl hes just with at this moment, because he said after his first love its never been the same and that like his senior year of highschool( last year) he was basically a little pimp( He had an ice box where his heart use to be) Omarion lol Like and i hope he still not going through that faze like i wanna have a real relationship with him. i mean we are in a relationship. and he said he usualy doesnt jump into relationships this fast either but he did but idk.

RisseeRis RisseeRis
18-21, F
Oct 6, 2009