Too Old To Be "Tamed"?

My husband has alot of good qualities, but his worst one is that he still acts as if he is a bachelor, at times. I guess, gertting married,, later in life, may have something to do with that.  mean, having lived the first 40 years of his life, being pretty much able to come and go as he pleased, it must be hard to just settle down. It's been  6 years though, and it's about time he realized that the world does not revolve around only him... not even my entire world!

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3 Responses Nov 28, 2009

Diamond... Unfourtunately, I depend too much on him, because I am sdisabled and also do not drive. We also live pretty far from our family and friends,s o he is all I have, here. believe me, if I could, I would let him see how it feels. Thing is, I'm not sure it would bother him all taht much. He has always been a pretty independent guy.

cathercrazy...Well, I don't really think it phased him to be honest! HE is one of those people who will be "good" for a while, but then he goes right back to his old self! LOL! Guess that ias to be expected when you marry an older (40 at the time of ourr wedding) guy.

It will be wonderful if only your husband think like that. Most of people does it! Why don't you try to make him think that the world goes around because of YOU! For a change....<br />
<br />
(Can you live him alone for a week? Make him feel how his world goes without you!).