Touch Me

 well I have been married a year. and i love him.... i give him everything, and do everything for him. but he wont please me in return. i ask him to, but he is too busy (as he sits and watches a movie or reads) this of corse right after sex. and i did ask him to touch me before but he just cant wait. well that is what i tell my self. he makes up dumb excuses like "I'm so tired" "I have work tomorrow" "You Weren't clear when you asked me" "I was going to go to bed" "I have to make some calls" "I'm too tired"

but i go months sometimes  without anything returned. i give him sex when ever he wants it and i get nothing in return. 

and he gets so mad when i tell him that he hasn't touched me... and it's all my fault

i got a book and asked him to read it. i even read it to him aloud.

but he doesn't want to touch me.

and never will.

he gets mad when i say he never does something.... because he has! just not in the last two months or so. 

so can a woman live in a marriage all alone?

I wouldn't touch myself for pleasure, and he doesn't want me to touch myself, so why won't he touch me even 10min every few weeks that would be better than once every 1-2 months i need more than that and not only for sexual satisfaction... but also to show me that he loves me enough to take 10 min to show me and not even every week

juliannabell juliannabell
1 Response Mar 6, 2009

There is nothing wrong with you touching yourself. It sounds like you are need of some couples conseling, you can't exist in a marriage by yourself ...I know.