Westerners In The Middle East

I get argued a lot about how there are Muslims in the western world and how they are apparently "undesirable", first thing I'd like to say: guess what? There are also Westerners in the Middle East!!!!!!!! Shocked? I thought this is well known! and I have got no problem with them and most of the people here also have no problem with them. I believe people have the right to be wherever they want, everyone looks for better work and education every where. This is completely fine, it is not my right to prevent anyone from being anywhere and I got to say that westerners have brought good skills to our countries and they are people who know their work very well as I have dealt with many and someone like them deserve to get their opportunity, so I am not writing this story being racist in anyway, I am just acknowledging the fact that people approach the middle east just like how Arabs and Muslims approach the western world. Which is something many ignorants would hide.

Secondly, these ignorants are not aware that MANY Muslims in their countries do actually relate to the country and they are not immigrants  or I maybe they know that because I don't think anyone could  be that stupid but they do not like to recognise it, well, it is time to realise that there are Muslims who have the same nationality as you, it is something you cannot deny, just deal with it, it makes you look stupid when you try to hide it lol!
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Very well said. and written chick. People seem to like the phrase. "Tarred with the same brush". Maybe that's why.

I like the motto! "Live and let live"

Thank you so much for sharing my gorgeous girlie! :D :D

welshbabe, first comment on my story since a long while, glad to see you here my dear! Missed your lovely comments! - True and agreed! I love diversification and I love having people from different nations, this is how it should be, anyone can be anywhere! Thank YOU for your comment =)

There are many Westerners that love the Mid East...you are right. :)

It goes both ways my dear, many could like the ME and many of us could like the west, only a racist would have a problem with hat!


Hugs, agree!