Enter The Void

Enter the Void is probably my favorite movie. It is not for everyone. The cinematography is beautiful and it is long tense. It is a French film set in Tokyo, Japan about a drug dealer and the Book of the Dead. You just have to see it.
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good flick, isn't it. pretty ballsy of Noe to try and recreate the experience of a dmt trip in the first person lol. I've never done it, but I was completely fascinated with the prospect of experiencing it. I mean.. a chemical that is naturally produced when you dream, and when you die.. how can someone not be curious about that?. have you seen any other movies of his? Irreversible really unique, but is also very disturbing. I had to leave the room when watching it, but I think it's because of this that made me think about an ugly part of reality that is rarely talked about. challenging. I know some people think that he's all about shock value and has little substance to his films, but I've always found his work stimulating, to say the least.

you might like michael haneke. he pushes the boundaries of film. listening to his interviews helps to understand the concepts of his films. I have a great box set of his movies, including interviews on each film.

the french movie, very roughly translated, Man Bites Dog, is something you've probably never seen. About a documentary crew following a serial killer as he preaches his philosophy views.

A popular brazilian movie that you must see, and probably have because it's so damn good, is City of God. if you like that, try the more slums-underground gang/police corruption themed movies, with horrible names, Elite Squad, and Elite Squad 2.

For a crazy perverse and offensive, yet hilarious in the most dark way, Happiness. You'll laugh, cry and throw up. quite the experience.

just thought I'd recommend some stuff I wish people would've told me about. hope you don't mind.