Lars Von Trier - Dancer In the Dark

This was a positively wrenching film for me.  About 3/4 of the way through it got visceral.  Definitely not for everyone - the natural lighting and hand-held camera of the "Dogme 95" style is difficult enough, but Bjork's quirky performance and the sometimes uncomfortable starkness of the film are an acquired taste.  This film stayed with me for weeks.

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2 Responses May 26, 2009

yeah, Dancer in the dark is a really great movie :)
have you watched any other movies from Lars Von Trier?

Actually, all of them. Loved Breaking the Waves also. Dogville was great. But his most recent one - Melancholia - is far and away my favorite.

its great to see another Von Trier's fan. I havent seen much people who like him.
I have watched all of his movies too. I think his best movies are Dancer in the dark, Breaking the waves and Dogville.
especially Dogville..I really liked it so much. its an amazing movie and it shows well how humans really are in these days. I just like his point of view and I am agree with it.
The Idiots was also good.

'Dancer in the Dark' was an excellent film, I thought, unremmitingly bleak, but that's not a criticism! I'm a big fan of Bjork and I like the Dogme films generally. <br />
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I like the earlier Fritz Lang films (Dr Mabuse possibly my favourite), and German ex<x>pressionism films generally, 'The Cabinet of Dr Caligari' being one.<br />
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