First Meet

I work in an office with quite a few older guys just before Xmas we had our Xmas office party. I caught up with one of them he was quite handsie, which I liked. At one stage I am sure his hand brushed my *** a couple of times over our conversation. We then moved on to talk to others but when we came back together I am sure I could smell *** on him. Is it possible to smell *** after someone wanks or has a BJ??
He is married and he jokes about it has been sometime since he has had sex. I am not sure wether or not to make a move or what move to make???
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2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

Hi. I'm in the NYC area, married, bi, and welcome a boyfriend if you'd like. I like to dress very revealing and all shaven.....Legs and ALL!!! That's me in the ski by pic:) can't wait to "MEAT" up:)

That's....SKIVVY pic!!

Oh I would like that so very much hmmmmm a very sexy man as my boyfriend, oh yes pleeeeease

You are here.......... And are you a sexy older cutie??

Im here--just never see the young hot cuties!!