Why Is It So Hard To Get A Man To Do This?

My mom put me on the road hitchhiking when I was 15. She dropped me at the on ramp of exit 3 of the New Jersey Turnpike because she was on the verge of losing her husband, my father, because he was about to beat me to death for being transsexual.
A truck driver in a station wagon from Ft. Lee NJ picked me up just before the G. Washington Bridge and started touching me almost immediately, He slid his hand between my thighs and pulled my bottom toward him across the bench seat in the carwhen my hip touched his hepushed my shoulder and pushed me onto my side with my head toward the door, he explored my bottom with his fingers, probing and stroking me and making me moan. My moaning seemed to tell him everything he needed to know and he pulled off the road I have no idea where. He got out and walked around the car and opened the door pulling me out and lifting me onto the fender of the car. He undid my pants and pulled them under my behind one of my shoes came off and my pants hung on my other shoe around my ankle. he pushed me to my back on the hood and stroked the length of my body from my armpits to my knees with both hands, suddenly he took me by my hip and flipped me to my belly bent at my hips over the fender of the car. He took a handful of my long hair and turned my head not roughly or violently but very deliberately to the side I started to moan  loudly in earnest just before he stuck his fingers in my mouth lingering for a moment to caresss the inside of my cheek then putting his thumb under my tongue fingers wrapped around my jaw cradling my chin. Suddenly he stuck three fingers to the back of my throat gagging me and making me salivate copiously, my eyes watered and he swept his finger across my tongue collecting my spit in the palm of his hand. In that split second I knew  in my little girl brain that he knew precisely what he was doing and I knew too. He smeared my spit on my anus with his hand and entered me with his fingers I was trying to look back my mind swimming wondering how big he was and screaming, I could hear myself and I remmember trying to stop because I didn't want him to stop. I didn't want him to think I was screaming out of fear although it was in a way, unable to stop I tried to scream things like Yes! or something I don't think I needed worry. I  heard him open his pants and I felt the head of his stiffening penis touch the back of my thighs and I think if he was thinking of me at all it might have been that he was teasing me as he pulled my hips to him and his erection rose between my thighs and the head of his penis touched my tummy briefly near my belly button. I remember reaching and slapping with my open palms on the hood of the car,  when he penetrated me with his penis I had an ****** almost immediatly. pushed deeper and deeper with every thrust and the contents of my bladder ran down the fender off my belly By the time he came every thrust slapped wetly aganst my bottom, sucking and slapping rythmically till he exploded with incredible wet heat inside me.
what happened after is a hazy dream, I know he dressed me and his ********* leaked out of me into my pants, He drove around north jersey for hours with my head on his lap exhausted from hitchhiking and from his ravageing sex. I never saw him again. I have never been ****** so hard or so satisfyingly again. It would be pointless to tell a man this is what I want you to do to me. I have longed to be taken like that again for the last 35 years.
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Very hot story. I must go ********** now.