Life Doesn't Go The Way U Plan!!

I want kids so badly that I've been online looking for ***!!! BUT, I know that my time will come. I always thought I'd be married & have kids around 26/27 yrs old. I'm 29 & I'm no where CLOSE to having kids! I want 4, least! MOSTLY girls,..maybe 1 boy. BUT, who knows!?! I really WANT to wait till I'm married but sometimes I feel like I won't be able to wait. I can't wait to get girls to dress up all nice & pretty!!! I've ALWAYS loved baby/toddlers clothes!! I'd be a good mom b/c I've been around kids my whole life b/c of my job!! ONLY thing is,...& it's a HUGE problem,...I'm NOT looking forward to the whole pregnancy & delivery part!!!! The nine months of pain & tourcure!?! NO THANK YOU!!!!!!
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Jan 14, 2013