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I'm obsess about Neve Campbell. Yes. She is my favorite. No. I won't stalk her.  I will collect her movies.

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Okay. I don't want whoever that lady that Rick has a crush on to get mad. Whoever she is. She is lucky to have Rick. I don't want to upset other ladies who has a crush on Rick too. It's good to get it out.<br />
Rick is title to keep this a secert.

I can't. He has to tell.

I can't I'm sorry. I don't want to lose a friend.

i said it was ok mother if you think you know who it is tell them and then i'll tell them if you are right

You are going to hate me after this. <br />
I can't

go for it mother...if you think you know go ahead and spill

I can't spill.

i've been laughed at before it hurts i don't want to go there again. more importantly i don't want this woman angry with me its safer not to tell

actually what i said on her blog was that she was very nice to people always answered her pm's and that i was not even part of her inner circle. make of that what you will. oh and on one of her other blogs i asked if liking barry manilows music meant i was gay. again make of it what you will.

well, whoever it is on, crushes never hurt anyone, you know?

not telling but i commented on one of her blogs today that may give you a clue.....or not

Rick, is it Fungirlmmm? All the guys love her...

not sure where she resides but i would assume it is somewhere on earth, she does write stories and comments so one can only assume she is alive and most people have names though i don't know hers

she has an avatar.

I'm Obsessed with Lexa Doig. Heard she was back in canada a few weeks ago but alas she forgot to call me...hahaha

We are all women here. Like greentea said "more specific"


okay i'll give you a clue....are you ready......its a woman!

this time its true turtle and i'm not telling

Spill Spill Spill or PM us.

I'm lost. Is someone now obsessing over J-Lo?

nope i should have kept my fingers off the keyboard. i'm not telling in public because she will laugh at me. she would think it was silly.

Knock knock <br />
Who's there<br />
Joe blow <br />
<br />
Joe blow who?<br />
<br />
I need a joe blow. LOL<br />
If you find this offend. I'm sorry.

Oh right? Duh? LOl Eh? LOl<br />
do tell Rick.

no you ladies have that one backwards she obsesses over me!! the one woman out there that does and i am afraid of her :-s

Which Canadians?<br />
Milla Jovovich is totally awesome. Yeah baby. She can serious butt.

Filipinos have a great sense of humor. I obsess about Milla Jovovich, but for some reason she's not returning my calls? Hmm...

I have a sense. I guess.

LOl. A aussie girl. Good Rick. Aussie girls have sexy accents. I'm sure you like. LOl.<br />
I think fillipinos have a great sense of humor.

how do YOU know mother????

not telling don't want to get laughed at.....wait i just did get laughed at.....maybe someday i'll work up the nerve to tell her in person :-(

Lol.<br />
I know too. I'm not telling either.

i obsess about........i'm not telling cause she might read it and laugh at me