Why Do I Have To Be Standardly Complex-ed For Attracting My Idea Woman?

I've seen and notice the List that a Guy has to have and be for Attracting Women and winning one in an for a Life's Partner . And it means having to be the Guy who can endure the loads of overwhelming complexities of Life. So as I have tried to look for her. I want my Life to have been and to be Simple and Enjoyable Life to refrain from these disliked things as ... Sports, Entertainment, Politics, Wanting Clear Sky's and Sunny Weather, Popular Music, Traditional Ceremonies and Occasions, Seeing people all the time. What I like is Solitude, Serenity, Science, Nature and Exploring. Finding our Lives as a Journey and filling it with Wonder and Mystery to Explore in such and Discover.

Life is Simple and Enjoyable under Solid Cloudy Weather to me. Seeing a Gray Day and the Darker is like Seeing a Lavender Day with a Mystic of Calmness and Wonder. It's not washed out by the Sun. The Gray Day is Inspirational and Inspiring to me. It's better at giving me stimuation with Life.

I'm not into Entertainment as others like. Don't need that kind of Drama going about in my Life. Drama is more than Simple and Enjoyable. It's Inimical and a Nuisance. Making matters complicated.

I don't always want to be going about having to do this and that all the time. I like things as they come and not demanding. I need to take my Time with things.

I like to Explore or find information as it comes by and to me or like yoga meditation. To contemplate these things and relish them with more time. Not something to be Ephemeron (Short Lived) as Lighting information into my mind. But is there in my mind to smell and taste the information as a mood. Not something that just flashes at me. Can't handle flashed information I like to understand. I want it around in my mind as looking and admiring a Picture. I like to get the Insight of it all.

I'm not into Smoking, Drinking Alcohol and into so much Cultural Genre Lifestyles. That's the Life of Complexity.

Science would be the only Complexity of my Life. But other wise everything else is not my thing.

ChakraSolipsismMGP ChakraSolipsismMGP
56-60, M
May 7, 2010